Wood Program KOHTA model

Wood Program KOHTA model

I built this model as a part my architecture studies in the Aalto University Wood Program, which is a one-year master’s studies program that focuses on wood architecture and industrial building. It’s a real hands-on approach, as each year the students design a wooden building, and then build it themselves. This particular year the task was to create a stimulating station shelter for the Koria train stop, essentially to serve the 2019 Koria housing fair, but to also remain as a unique landmark for the town.

The model depicts our final shelter design in the scale of 1:10. I used pine and birch plywood for the most part. Crucial parts are laser-cut, but for the bulk of the work I used a table saw and plain old hand tools. Minimizing the use of laser was a concious decision, as the charred edges would’ve been visually unacceptable in this scale. For the lighting system I used a couple of battery powered christmas lights. Some soldering was required to increase the brightness of the LEDs and to connect both sets to the same power source. There’s a hatch on the roof, next to the power switch, that conceals three AA-batteries.

Images by Anne Kinnunen


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